Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just so you know

OK call it advertising or a friend telling you news. But today if you go to the Cheesecake factory all their slices of cheesecake are for $1.50. You heard me. They opened 30 years ago and that was the price of their cheesecake back then so you get it for the same price today only. SO run go get yourself a slice of cheesecake and think of all the money you are saving as you eat it. We are going today so I am sure I will post pics of the kids later today.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A nice day for the beach

Oh what a day for the beach..

That is what we did today.  We could have stayed at home but we decided to go spend our day together swimming.  But it was so nice.  So nice Mackenzie fell asleep on the raft while floating with her daddy.  It was just so cute.  

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Anniversary

So James and I had a night out for our tenth anniversary thanks to a friend of ours here who took the kids from us.  My sister and her husband were going to keep them but they have moved this past weekend and I thought it might be a little much with three extra kids.  So any how we went out and had dinner at  Smokey Bones.  We had some yummy food.  We had not been there before and so we both really enjoyed it.  We did not do dessert because we had another place in mind.  Well after our dinner we went down to the beach and had a nice walk on the beach.  It was so pretty when we got there. The sun was just starting to set and so the water was purple and the sky was beautiful.   While we were walking we saw dolphins for the first time here.  There were several of them and it was so wonderful to see them.  I love seeing dolphins swimming.  Needless to say we just had a nice time walking holding hands and not being interrupted from kids.  We love them to death but sometimes you just need time for adults only.  Any how after our walk we went to Brusters Ice cream.  Now we had a coupon for a buy one get one free and we were going to get all we could for it.  So needless to say,  James and I both got a three dip waffle cone.  It was supper yummy, way TOO much for one person to eat,  (James said he bet it was a pound of ice cream in that cone.)  But it was good.  James managed to eat all his.  I ended up throwing the whole cone away and all the ice cream still in it.  I could not get to it.  We both felt sick later from eating to much.  Well We both just enjoyed our night out.  It was peaceful and romantic.   James got a new wedding band after not having one for about 2 years.  So he got a titanium ring.  he likes it a lot and now he actually looks married.  Well my dear hubby had been listening to all the complaining I had been doing about my digital camera I hated.  And so I got a new one.  I love it.  So that was our night out. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess who has a new do?

My friend Kristi and I last night after dinner. They came down and saw us for the evening.

So I went and had my hair cut. I like it a lot but I am getting used to it still. I went in and had 12 inches cut off of it. I was not sure I was going to go so short till I sat in the chair and said chop it off. AHHH. I was a little nervous but oh well. It turned out cute and I like it a lot. So I am a short haired girl now.

More beach

So we went out to the Beach yeasterday and we there for a long time. It was so nice. We had lunch down there and the kids just played. We were there for like three hours. I am so not ever moving where I can not be by the beach. It is too nice.

Mackenzie loves going to the beach as well. She is such a little beach girl. She likes to go out in the water. Sometimes more then mommy wants her too. She can not swim but she always wants to go out like the big kids do. Any how but she will sit on the sand and play for hours as well.

James kicking around out there. He loves to body board all the time. He is a little dare devil with it. I am not such the fan sometimes. He scares me with how far out he goes. He will get off his board though and say I can still touch.

James making a sand something.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A fun but sad day

Not the best pic but that is Bethannie and I in the front row of the Big Bad WOlf. We love roller coasters.

This is us waiting in line for the big bad Wolf.

So we started out by going to Busch Gardens. Of course we had a lot of fun. Little James totally surprised me and James and got on two rides. One he has been on but did not like and so we had to do a lot of talking to get him on it. It was a the log flume but he got on it and did not cry. He surprised himself by not crying which I thought was funny. ANy how He then went and rode a Curse of the Dark Castle. It is not a scary ride but it is a motion 3-D ride. I do not like it because it makes me motion sick. But he had never gone on it so it was fun. Any how well Bethannie went to my sisters house after Busch Gardens becasue she was going camping with them the next day. My dad and stepmom, my grandparents, and my sister and her husband and my other sisters daughter were all going. So she was really excited but I have to say I was not so excited to drop off my dear sweet little girl for a whole week away. Well She will have fun though.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A wet day

We do a playgroup here on Wednesday with the church and so yesterday we were suppose to go to the beach. Now we wake up and I am telling the kids to get swim suits on at like 8:45. We do not have to be there till 10:00 but I am trying to get there on time. Well I took Coco out and it starts to sprinkle. Not a ton but it is getting things wet. SO I come back in and tell the kids to change back into clothes. Well one of the girls from playgroup calls me and asks if I am still going since it is sprinkling. Long story short. We packed up and extra outfit for every one put swim suits one and went a head and went to the beach. The whole time out there i bet the temp was barely 75. It was not a nice hot day but the kids did not seem to mind. I hung out on the beach because I was too cold to get in the water. It starts raining again while we are there and not one kids wants to leave. All the moms are asking are you ready to go. But no one answers yes. We were crazy. I am glad the kids had fun though and that they were able to burn off some energy. We had been stuck in the house for three days before this. It has been raining ALOT here lately. Any how it was a fun day.

Emma trying to dump a bucket of water on Mackenzie. Mackenzie ran away just in time.

This is just a pic of all the kids out there. We had 5 families brave enough to come swim in the ocean in the rain.

It was one of the girls Birthdays and so she decided to bring out cupcakes and drinks for every one so this was a good treat for the end of the time swimming.

Happy Birthday Bethannie

We celebrated Bethannies Birthday on Saturday. She turned 7. I still look at her and wonder where 7 years have gone too. I still remember the day I had her and the emotions I had with her. But what a great day we had. She got to open one present in the early afternoon because James was taking her out for a surprise. So she got herself a new golf club set. She has wanted one for about the last 2 years and we finally decided to get her some. SO she was supper excited when she saw this. James was going to take her and go play golf but it was a rainy day so in between rain he took her and little James over to a driving range. They had a lot of fun. Or so it sounded like it since I did not go with them. We had to get Mackenzie down for a nap. She was being cranky. But she got a lot of High School Musical stuff. New Webkinzs. She got some cards from far away relatives. She very much loved her birthday. She did tell me this day that in one year she will be able to be Baptized and that made me happy and sad. Happy that she is waiting for this wonderful occasion. But sad because I can not believe what used to be my baby is now going to be 8 in less then one year. It just seems so crazy to me.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

This was the seconf hang out of the night.  Did I mention it started pour cats and dogs and the parking garage had running water every where.  

Bethannie and her friend Emma

Every one at the first spot for fireworks

We had three families come over to our house for the 4Th.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a lot of good food and good company.  We were going to try and go see fireworks so we packed up all the cars of people and headed over to Portsmouth to go see them.  We thought we were going to miss them because of how much traffic there was.  We get to the top of a parking garage and we unload chairs and start to get all the kids ready to watch.  Well we had been noticing a lot of lighting going on and so we were all trying to pretend we did not see it and just look for the fireworks.  Well at about 9:45 we start to wonder what is going on.  We thought they were suppose to start at 9:30.  Well we decided we would just call it a night and head home.  Well we were to late.  Every one else in the parking garage decides to leave to.  So we sit for about 10 min and never move so we decided to all pull off to a side again and we all pulled chairs back out and had a hang out in the parking garage with five cars and still a lot of friends.  We thought it was so funny.  By the time we left there were no cars waiting to leave and we had a smooth drive home.  What a night is all we could say.  

Myrtle Beach

We went out to dinner on Thursday once we got to Myrtle Beach.  We met up with Annie and Keith.  (James's sister and her husband)  We went to this Burger place that was pretty good.  It was right on the ocean and it has a nice waiting area while you wait for your table to be ready.  Well we finally get seated and Mackenzie does not want to sit in her chair she just wants me to hold her and so we sit down together.  We are all eating peanuts that they have in buckets on the table.  Well after we had just ordered our drinks Mackenzie turns around and faces me and lays her head down on my chest and before I even knew what was going on she sits up looks at me and starts vomiting everywhere.  (Mainly on the two of us though.)  Well I am grabbing an empty peanut bucket for her to throw up in and trying to get paper towels.  It was just a mess.  Needless to say she started acting like she felt better after that.  I ended up going to their bathroom which lucky for me was just a one person stall and took my shirt off threw it in the sink to rinse off everything, put it back on and stripped Mackenzie's pants off.  Her shirt was not to bad.  We continued to have our dinner and tried to make the best of it.  I did feel a little funny eating dinner in a restaurant with a wet t-shirt on.  Oh well

Mackenzie was just not feeling good this night so she wanted nothing to do with a pic

James and Ryan were having a great time eating out together.  They fed off of each other about doing things.  So James would hit the table and Ryan would then do it.  If Ryan got up then James would.  They were pretty funny.

No one can ever say these two girls are not ever ready for a picture.

Our trip

Bethannie and Madison enjoying their night time walk on the beach.

So this is daddy's little girl. We went walking out on the beach one night with the kids and it was so nice.

Mackenzie was made into sponge bob by her daddy. he likes to turn these kids into sand creations.

All the kids together. Are these not some of the cutest kids ever. We sure think so.

We went and saw James sister and her family while we were down in Myrtle Beach. We did a lot together while we were there.

Myrtle Beach

We took the kids and went and played putt putt while we were in Myrtle beach. We were not down there for long but it was a nice trip. We had so much fun.

James looking cute while putt-putting.

Bethannie taking her turn. She was the one who really wanted to go and do this but her and James had a blast.

I was trying to be a good player and take my time. I always just quit and not really try. James and I had a really good game though.

James made a hole in one on the last hole and so we won a free game for the next time. We all had a great time putt-putting.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Giant Crab

Bethannie enjoying all the seafood  and desserts she could eat.

Mackenzie eating her food.  

James eating his ice cream

This is the restaurant we went to.  

All my cute family after our filling dinner

James hanging around

A hair cut for Coco


And after.....

Well Here is a before and after of Coco.  While one of the kids were at Bethannies Birthday party he asked if we had a bear because that was what Coco looked like.  It was so funny.  We had been saying we needed to get Coco groomed we just had not done it yet.   So here he is.  Isn't he a handsome boy now.  We thought so.  

Bethannie's Birthday Party with her friends

Bethannie and her High School musical cake I made for her.  She had a great Birthday party with her friends.  She had more boys then girls come but it seems Bethannie never really cares.  She just loves having friends and never minds if they are boys or girls.  I sure that will change here during the next year but we will see.   Boys have cooties you know.  

Bethannie and her friends.  

And a new Gabriella barbie from High School musical.  She loves this show more then anything else.  She is so funny.  

And some new books .  Bethannie is now reading on a third grade level and loves any book she can get her hands on.  

These were great puzzles that she has already put together and she is going to do them again and then glue them into a picture.  

Bethannie was very excited to have her friends over for her birthday party