Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Me

Any how tacky title but true. I have been doing a 12 week challenge at the YMCA and so I am about half way there and I just went in to go have my body taped and pinched to find out measurements and body fat. So 4 weeks later (today) I have lost 4% body fat, 10 inches, and 9 lbs. I know it is not a lot off but I was excited. I am about 4 lbs from a weight I can never remember being at. SO I am excited about that. Any how I just wanted to share my excitement today. I just have to keep getting my butt kicked at the gym and keep eating well. So we will see how much more I lose in the 2ND half of the challenge.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bush Gardens again

Well I am sure that by the end of the summer you all will be sick of our posting about Bush Gardens. But yesterday we went and the park was doing this whole Ready, set, GROW. It was a gardening expo and so we were looking around and the kids got to make a little craft. It was so funny watching our kids try their hardest to hammer and put together this plant pot. Any how it was so hot out yesterday and so I got a real nice sun burn. OUCH. Any how But we were there for a long time and I was so ready to go home. But I was videoing the kids on the carousel. SO I am adding that on today. I hope it works.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our little garden

James has decided to put a garden in this year and so we now have it all in the ground minus a few plants we are still looking for. So we have big boy tomatoes, green bell peppers, yellow bell peppers. radishes, green beans, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini. We have watermelon off in another area so it does not take over our garden but we have three watermelon plants growing too. Any how so we have plants that are already coming up very well and we were excited about it. Well tonight we were out watering the plants and the kids decided they wanted to get watered too. So we have a water hose fight with them. James won. They all had such a good time and they liked getting wet. All of the kids have been wanting to know when pools will open so they can go swimming. It is nice out some days and you do wish you could just go jump in a pool. But then the next day it could barely hit 60 so we will stay away from pools and just use a watering hose.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am so tired

OK so today James had to take my car to work because his is in the shop for the day. Any how well I am going to the YMCA and I am trying to do a 12 week challenge. Well today was the meeting that we have as a group. So I told James I would figure out how to get there. They have a city bus that goes all round. So I looked online for how to get there. Did not seem to bad and pretty fast. So James Mackenzie and I set off this morning to the bus stop. Well we had probably a half mile walk to get to the bus stop. Then they dropped us all off at this terminal they call it. Well I was still probably another mile at least away form the Y but I walked the rest of the way there. I then went in and got my butt completely kicked by our personal trainer we have for this challenge. Any how so what do I decide I can do after my work out? I decide I will just walk home. It is over 6 miles from the Y to our house and I walked it all. It took me 2 hours but I am so exhausted now. I wish that James and Mackenzie would lay down and go to sleep so I could just rest but it will not happen. I am just so tired.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I just wanted to say real fast how I love that so many blogs have music and different kinds. I now use someones blog page as my music to clean to. It beats commercials from the radio and it is such different kinds of music then what you just hear if you turn on a CD or the radio. So keep it coming.

I am mad

OK so I said last post we went camping this past weekend. Well when we were leaving we had to put the tent down in the rain so when we got home we put it back up so it could dry out and then we were going to put it back down. Any how so it rained when we got home and so the tent was up till after dinner. Well as I was making dinner the front part of the tent fell and so I went over to see what had happened and a tent pole has already bent. We spent $150 on this tent for it to be used for 1 weekend and already has a bent pole. We got it at Sams club and so I am hopefully going to be able to take it back and get a new one or our money back. But I am not happy.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A fun camping trip

We went camping this weekend. It was a lot of fun. Nice weather for the trip, well almost. We got rained out this morning and so we packed up early and came home. We left on Friday as soon as James got home and got to the park at about 4:00 or so. We had to set up camp and then try and get dinner going. My sister and her husband had gone too. They have three dogs and so we were on 2 sites with 7 people and 4 dogs. Fun huh. But it really was. It was 80 degrees on Fri and Sat and nice and sunny. It was perfect weather. Any how the kids had a blast. They liked building the fires. Just being able to run and play was perfect for them. The park had a playground which was great. We went walking down to the lake by the campground and it had a boat ramp and so the kids all got their feet wet by walking down the ramp a little bit. The dogs all went swimming off the boat docks. It was funny. But with it being so hot out they all enjoyed it. The camp ground I think forgot what month we were in and what holiday had past because they did a craft for kids that was making bunnies and chicks with Easter eggs on it. And then sent the kids on a "Spring" egg hunt. It was fun for the kids but I think some one did not know what they were doing when they planed out activities. Any how we did not mind. We did a lot of walking and played a lot of games. We are looking forward to going again soon. Bethannie thought we were going for a week. We told her not this time but maybe this summer. So we shall see. Any how we woke up to the sound of rain. It started pouring and never seemed like it was going to end so James and I broke down the site in the rain. It was fun. Oh well, still was a great weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A trip to the Zoo

Well we decided to go to the zoo today. James just loves going to the zoo. Seeing all the animals and getting to run is his idea of fun. I on the other hand had second thoughts as soon as we got to the parking lot. It was a really nice day out and so I did figure there would be a lot of other people there but not like this. There were easily 20 buses in the parking lot. Yikes. And lots of cars parked. We had to search for a parking spot. We have never had to do this at this zoo. Any how I decided to go in with the kids because I had said we would go. So we soon realized just how many kids were in the park today. Too many for me. We got through half the zoo and I gave up. We went home. We have a year pass so not a big deal but there were just to many little kids. But the kids got to see their favorite animals. The elephants and giraffes. We will try again soon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daddy's Date

Well Bethannie and James went out tonight. They went to a resturant together and had a great time. They came home and Bethannie was telling me all about it. She got to get a milk shake for dinner and ice cream at the end. She just thought this was the coolest. We usually do not let the kids splurge on extras at resturants. So it was a total treat for her. While they were there I guess there was a balloon making man. So she got a tinkerbell hat for herself and then brought home a vampire for James and a flower for Mackenzie. She was so excited to give them to her siblings it was cute. Any how she had a lot of fun and James said it is so different taking them out one on one because they are so good and well behaved.

Monday, April 7, 2008

They love it....

James has always had this thing of throwing the kids high in the air and they always love it. James has been the one who has to be in the mood to "fly" but usually loves it. Well this was James and the kids today. When I see how high they go I cringe. It is to high for me. But they always laugh and want to do it again and again. They never seem to amaze me at what they are not scared of. How great to be a kid again....

Kangaroo Jacks

OK there is the coolest place here and now I have found out that there is actually like 3 or 4 different ones here but I am telling you all so you can see if there is one by you. Maybe by a different name but still the same concept. It is a indoor inflatable play area. The kids love it and it is such a great idea for when the weather is crappy outside but you need to let them run off their energy. Any how I have some pictures of the kids playing on them. Big James like to go and do it all too. Mackenzie needs some assistance to get up some of the climbing things. It really is such a good idea. We have even said what a good idea for when we retire for a FUN job. Open one up ourselves. Who knows about that though. For now we will just continue to take the kids and let them have tons of fun.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bush Gardens

Well today was a wet day but we had decided we would try and take the kids to Bush Gardens today. Well what a day it turned out to be. We are suppose to be in the spring weather and today it felt like winter. I think the high was 50 and it was drizzling rain for the later half of the day. Well we still magaed to get to Bush Gardens and we rode every thing we wanted and got out of there. It was just a bad day for an Amusement Park. But I have some pics of the kids on a couple of rides. It was a fun day day though. Hopefully the next time we go it will be warmer.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bowling night

We went bowling tonight and had a lot of fun. I can not believe how long it has been since we have been bowling. James and I love to go and we have always taken the kids since they were little. Mackenzie has never gone and actually bowled. She has always been so little she has just stayed in the stroller and so last night they all got to have their turn bowling. We went with my sister and her husband. We told the kids if they broke 50 points they could go home and we would make Ice cream sundaes. They all far passed that score. I think they all either broke 100 or came close. Now Mackenzie did get to use this ramp thing to help her but she still did it and had a lot of fun doing it. So after 2 games we went home and had a LOT of ice cream. We had so much fun. The kids said they wanted to do it again tomorrow.