Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok to all my fellow twilight junkies. All I have heard from so many people is all the hype around Twilight so I tried to become one of you. I was unsuccessful though. There was a group of girls that decided to go to the midnight showing and so I thought sure why not I will go too. This was on Sunday night. So on Tuesday night I decide to pick up the book and start reading. Now it was a good book to read, not quiet what I was expecting but in a good way and so I found it easy to read. I always tell every one how much I do not like to read and so I was dreading the thought of trying to get through 500 pages in 2 days. But I did do it. I was finished reading yesterday about 5 and so I thought I am going to need some sleep before I try to go to a midnight show. Well I was not successful with that either. So instead I just decided I would drink some diet Pepsi to stay awake and off to the movie I went last night. I did not have any expectations because I have honestly not obsessed with this for the last months or year. So to me it was not bad however it was funny acting and bad writing but oh well. It was a fun night out with some girlfriends. We all should have gone and gotten breakfast or something but as it was I did not get home till after 3 and not to bed before 4. Oh and Thanks Chrissy for watching the kids sleep. I really appreciate it. Any how Thanks for a great night girls.

First off

It was snowing this morning. I have heard over and over how it really does not snow here and to not plan on seeing it here. Well to our surprise we wake up to white flurries falling. It was pretty. Of course now it has stopped and it never stuck it was still cool to see it fall. You never realize how much you miss snow till you live in it for a year and then are told you will not see it again in VA. Oh well

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a weekend

Well we had a huge past weekend. I am still recuperating from it all. My mom and Grandma came to stay here at my house and then my sister and my dad and step mom went and stayed with my other sister. We only live about 10 min apart and so it is not a long drive at all. But my sister and her husband we going to the temple and we all wanted to be there for them. James had been gone and was suppose to come home on Friday, but due to bad weather he never got to pull in till Saturday at about 3 or so. So he was still at home. So we all drove to Washington DC and it was so wonderful. It was fun to see every one. On Sunday morning the kids were doing their primary program and so Almost every one came to see them there as well. It was fun for the kids to see so many people in the audience since they were up front. Any how well everyone is home now and we are even James less. He was only home for 36 hours and left again on Monday Morning. Well I just wanted to tell everyone I love them and thank you for seeing us while you were here for Chrissy. We appreciated it.

James Birthday party

Well James got to have a birthday party with friends this year. he had a blast. I thought I might of gone crazy with all the kids because we were stuck inside because of course it decided to rain the day of his party. Oh well it was still a lot of fun and James was so happy to have so many friends come.

A transformer cake

All the candles got blown out. He had some help though

Every one waiting for the cake

The other side of the table

James opening up his presents

What is in there?

Thank you every one.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday James

So today was James birthday and now that he is five I just wonder where all the time has gone. He is off to school now and loves meeting new friends and having fun being him. But I miss out on the days where he would snuggle up any time I wanted him to or get a hug and a kiss..... Oh who am I kidding, he is such a mamas boy. He is not 15 just 5. But one day I am going to turn around at that is what it will be like. I just miss him being a baby. Well i just wanted to share some pics from his birthday tonight and then pic of him when he was younger. i do not have the photo card from him being a baby at my finger tips so they are from a little older till now. Oh well still supper cute.

James opening a present

Oh what to wish for. Him good presents. Not any thing in particular just good stuff.

Yummy cake.

James when he was little.

Look at this cute boy

James catching a fish. he needed help and so grandpa was there to lend a hand

Well what do you expect when he has an older sister

But one day this will be so worth blackmailing over

Say cheese

My silly little boy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Awaiting the poll

Well after an hour and 30 minutes of waiting to make my vote count I have voted an now am waiting to see how the country has voted.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun pictures

Well I have decided instead of taking the kids to get their pics done I would just take them. So we went out to the beach on Saturday and went and did some pics. They were a lot of fun to take but the kids did not all want to cooperate at the same time so I might have gotten a few that were good but who knows. Any how here are the pictures I took.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunk or treating

Here is Bethannie being a bride

Since our ward decided to do trunk or treating on Halloween that was all we were able to do this year which turned out to be OK. The kids had a lot of fun seeing their friends and getting to walk around with them. So we got a bowl full of candy in about 45 min and then went in for a costume contest. The kids did not win and so they decided we should of just left instead of doing that but oh well.

Here is James as Lightening McQueen race car driver.

Mackenzie was a chicken. She was so cute.

Here is all the kids together. It was a fun night.