Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well I haven't posted for a while and so it has been crazy around here. James left again and so we are all awaiting his return soon. The kids have had a count down of when Halloween is. They have been trying to figure out who they are going to be this year. I did not make or buy any costumes this year which was weird but I already had them or one was mailed to me by a good friend of mine. So you will have to wait till Friday night and I will post pics of what the kids have decided to be. But they are all so cute.
Well we are winding down on soccer. Both the kids have their last game this week. James is done tonight and Bethannie is finished this Saturday. I am actually kind of glad for that because we have been running wild with all the practices and everything. So the end is near and I am excited. Bethannie is in a girl scout troop now though and so we meet with them every other week which is not to bad. She seems to be enjoying it so far.
Well I have still been painting. I have more rooms to still go but I am liking having the colors in our home now instead of white walls. They give our home some charm and warmth. But I am having fun doing it all. other then all that we are all doing good. James is supper excited about his Birthday coming up in just over a week and so he has lots of plans for that. I can not believe that he is going to be 5. Well I will post again later this week with pics of our fun Halloween evening.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Working hard

So while James was gone I have decided to get some painting done. We have been debating about doing it since we got here but I am so glad I did now. I have only done two rooms so far. Mackenzies room is done and hers is a nice pink color. And then I painted the front room. I picked Cappacinno. So Now I am busy trying to paint going up the stairs. It is a little more difficult but it will look good. In the pics what you see is done. But I am still having to get the area closer to the ceiling done. Any how well James came home last night and I am so glad to see him. He had been gone for about 3 weeks, and is leaving again next week for 2 more or so. So I am ready for it all to be over for a little while. I am so grateful he will be home for the Holidays this year and that we will have that with him before he leaves for such a long time in Feb.

Elmo here we come

So last Saturday we had made the plans that as soon as Bethannies soccer game was over we were going to go wait in line to see Sesame Street Live. It was a free show on Base and it was said to be first come first serve. Well not thinking about how many people would be able to get in or how big the theater was. We got there about 2 hours early. Not the biggest deal because they just played in the little grass area right beside where we had to be. So we are sitting there also eating lunch and all of the sudden we spot a familiar little face. It is a sweet little girl from church and she is all waving and some what excited to see Bethannie. But I am not sure who the person walking with her is. Well we soon start talking and I find out she is the sister to one of the guys at church. How funny. So any how but the kids are started playing together and they had a blast. Our other really good friends James and Kristen and their kids all had planned to come up and go with us as well so we are all in line and ready to go in. Walking in all the kids got a cute little spinning Elmo toy that lights up. It was good though it helped pass a little more time while we had to wait for the show to start. Well long story short. We waited 2 hours for a show that lasted 30 min. It was cute but so short. The whole show was trying to help learn about deployments and how to act while your daddy or mommy is gone. Nice story line but man oh man it was a long time to wait for a short story. Well here is pictures of all the kids we had with our little group.

Gracie, Bethannie, Caden, and Austin. They are all so funny.

Kelli, Hailey,Neiko, Landon, James, and Mackenzie.

Every one playing with the toys

Every one singing. It was a fun time.

Krispy Kreme... YUM

Mackenzie taking a big bite.

James loving his doughnut.

Mackenzie making funny faces.

So We went to Krispy Kreme on Saturday before Bethannies soccer game. There is not one close to us so needless to say we have not bee in a very long time. SO it was fun to just go sit and let the kids have fun watching doughnuts being made and then being able to pick out the kinds they want and eat them. Any how So here are some pics of the kids. They are just so cute.