Monday, October 24, 2011


I struggle on a daily basis of "LOVING" my job. I love being a mom. Let me just start by saying that. It is fun (most of the time), rewarding, and I do find great joy in seeing the miles and love they have. But the chore of it is the part I do not always LOVE. I hate that make dinner almost every night. Some nights are less effort then others but I do it. I keep the kids in nice clothes, that are always washed, often before it has even been worn because they never get put away and end right back in the dirty clothes pile. I feel like my house is never clean enough. I am not a great house keeper but I do try, most of the time. Even grocery shopping. I stretch the budget as far as I can and then hate hearing, "we don't have any good cereal", or "I don't like that kind". I have great kids and I know this but I can go forever with out feeling appreciation of all the things. I do. It stinks sometimes. And it might get better as the kids get older but it is still a lack of feeling now.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are loved and that we are appreciated. Heavenly Father knows our efforts. he knows what we strive to do every day even when others do not notice. One day we will be rewarded for our efforts we made here daily. As I think of this I am hopeful that when I get down about the "jobs" I do that no one notices, I will remember I have some one who always sees everything I do and try to do. Remembering this as I am doing dishes, sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, cooking, shopping, reading to the kids, snuggling, playing games, and all the other things I do as a mom, I will remember I am appreciated.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wisconsin Dells

Right after we got home from camping we had to unpack and do all the laundry and repack. We had this trip planned for a couple months. The sad part was 2 weeks or so before going James found out he could not go because he had to work. So the debate to cancel the trip or try and go by myself. We decided we should still take the kids because they had another vacation canceled this year because of James's job. They understand but we did not want to take away this trip too. So off the kids and I went. I was really nervous to see how this was going to work with the kids and only me to watch them all. But the place was awesome and the water parks were laid out great. It was a lot of fun and the kids are already looking forward to the next trip up there.

This was a zip line tour that was right at the hotel. The kids watched people jump off the platforms and zip line down to the next platform. Bethannie is saving up her money to do this when we go back. We have a trip again in March planned so they are figuring out what they want to do.

This was inside one of the water park areas. It had a playground in the middle with water slides off of it. And then there were tube slides, family slides, and a lazy river that were also in there. The kids had a great time just running and playing.

The water pay ground.

Mackenzie coming down the body tube slide. She loved riding all these rides.

Mackenzie just getting down the slide. I put the pictures on backwards. Oops.

Mackenzie running up the stairs to get to the slide. She did this Over and Over and over.

This was another water park area. Again with water slides, a pool, and the playground.

James and Mackenzie racing down the slide.

Bethannie and Mackenzie. It is an awkward picture but cute. I love these girls.

Bethannie standing under a huge bucket that dumps water but I was either to fast or to slow taking the picture.

The whole trip was fun. We look forward to the next trip which will include extra family and LOTS of kids.

Horseback riding

While we were up at Wisconsin Dells, I took the kids to go horseback riding. It was a lot of fun and the kids were so excited to go. They have all wanted to do this for a long time and I was so glad we could do it there.

The kids waiting for the horses so they could get on and start the ride.

James in the stable right after getting on the horse. He was in high heaven right away.

Bethannie after she got on the horse. She was a little hesitant at first but she really did enjoy it.

Mackenzie and I right after getting on the horse. I do not know what Mackenzie thought of all this.

We had to go down this rather steep climb. So we kept switching back and forth. I think I was a little nervous about that part. The kids said it was fun though.

We went through this mock town on the ride. There was always something to look at or watch through the ride. It was just a lot of fun. And we all enjoyed it.

There are 2 deer in this picture. They are sort of hard to see. But we rode by them and I thought it was so cool. We had been seeing a lot of deer and Mackenzie was LOVING it.

We rode by this cliff. Mackenzie was scared the horse was going to jump off the cliff. I loved the view though.

Walking through the woods on the trail.

This was almost at the end of our ride.

Bethannie and James were always right a head of me and Mackenzie on our horse. So I felt like a lot of the pictures are of their backs.

I loved the trail. It was so open through parts, and felt like we were deep in the woods during other parts.

Mackenzie and I on our horse. I loved getting to ride with Mackenzie. I could not imagine putting her on a horse by herself.

James getting off the horse. it is a little blurry but it was what I got while riding a horse as well.

Bethannie at the end of the ride.

It was a lot of fun riding with the kids. There was a moment I thought Bethannie may not of been having the best time but they all enjoyed the time out side and trying to get their horse to act right and listen.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hiking on the Camping trip October 2011

We seriously were out in the wilderness.

This deer was seriously so close. It was crazy that we were seeing so much wild life.

The deer was eating apples. The kids thought it was so cool to see the deer. Mackenzie says her favorite animal is a deer now.

me and the girls

James and the kids acting goofy. this was their crazy pic.

This was a photo opp on the hike. James and I can not figure out really what was the op though. oh well still made for a good family pic.

James found this snake and decided to pick it up. he is CRAZY!!!!!!

Mackenzie. I laugh every time I see her socks. She makes me smile.

James was picking cat tails for the kids. Then they ended up shredding the whole thing.

Bethannie and her cats tail.

The kids on the 2nd day hiking. They hiked 3.5 miles the first day and 4.5 miles the second. It was a lot of fun.

I thought this tree was so cool how the vine around it was turning colors.

Bethannie took this picture of us. Not very often that I am in the pics so I decided to post it. Even though it is not a very good one of us.

Sisterly love. I hope they always love each other as much as they show every once in a while now.

we found this turtle while hiking.

James loved taking this hike. he was in competition with every one about who could find the most snakes.

Like Father like Son. I love these 2 boys.

Checking out the fishing possibilities. That was what they did most of the time we were camping.

James and the kids on our hike. I sure love my family.

Bethannie looking for snakes.

Mackenzie kept singing along the whole hike.

This is just one of the 25 plus snakes we saw on the hike. It was insane how many snakes we saw and almost stepped on.

Camping in October 2011

We took a quick trip at the beginning of October. We just needed a break and I love that we can go and do stuff like this as a family. Our trip did become quite the adventure. We had a great first day of the trip. The boys had done some fishing. I had to take Bethannie to cheer since we never really get a break from that. As soon as we got back though we had dinner. I then went into the camper to get s'more stuff so we could have dessert and get the kids to bed. I put it all on the picnic table which was about 10 ft from where we were sitting. About 15 min later I went to go get all the stuff so we could get the kids started and one of the bags of marshmallows was gone. I went to check to make sure it was not dropped in the camper. Nope. about 5 mins later we heard some animals out in the woods fighting. James and I look at each other and decide it is time to get the kids inside. With in mins we have raccoons out in the front of our camper. James starts crying that this is the worst camping trip ever and he just wants to go home.

Over the next 2 nights we had raccoons run us to the camper every night. We had a great time during the days. The weather was perfect. I wish we could have a few more days more often like these. Where you are carefree and just with your family. I love camping and seeing the kids loving it too is so nice. I hope spring comes sooner then later so we can go again.

Mackenzie about to go crack some walnuts

Mackenzie and James with their piles of walnuts. and getting ready to crack them all open.

The kids are so crazy.

James and his stack of walnuts that he found. The kids loved finding these.

Mackenzie and her stack. The kids picked them up while on a hike and they filled their pockets and their shirts. Any way to get them back to the campground.

Bethannie and her pile. James then showed the kids how to crack them open. I am not saying this is the best way for a child to open a walnut but hey no one ended up getting hurt so it was all good. But he gave the kids a mallet and the road. Oh yeah you can only imagine.