Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hey ladies who live right here by us. We are having a Karaoke day at 1:00 P.M. All are invited if you want to come. Bring your kids because well there will be a house full of them. Hope to see you all then. Oh and bring a snack to share with every one. Or for the kids whatever.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bethannies new look

Bethannies old look.  
Bethannies new look.  

Bethannie can now fix her own hair.  She did this hair do this morning.  What a cutie pie though.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Commissioning of the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77)

So on Jamurary the 10 I got to go to the commissioning of the George H. W. BUsh. It was so cool. I took Bethannie and she said it was cool. She was probably very bored becasue we did have to sit there for a LONG time but she did so well. I told her that she could say she has seen the President in person now.

Here was where we had to sit for 5 plus hours in the cold. It was not a lot of fun freezing but the experience was great.

Here is one circling before landing.

Here are 2 of the 9 helicopters that landed on the top of the boat to unload people.

What security measures did they go through to get the President, Vice president, former President and all the other important people on the boat and make every one feel safe.

We have secret servicemen all over the boat.

We have this sniper on the look out

And we have this sniper ready for anything.

President Bush talking. He was talking about what a great Honor it was for his father to be having this boat named after him.

Daddy Bush was the man of the hour as they said. He made a lot of jokes about his wife and how she has put up with him for 64 years. he talked about his flying days.

He got to set the first watch and so here is is saying "Carry on".

President Bush's daughter was the ship sponsor and so she got to Bring the ship to life.

There had been a group of I would say 300 or so give or take a lot. But the sailors were all standing out on the Pier for the ceremony right in front of where we had to sit. So at the end of every one talking they ran aboard the ship and then continued to keep running.

They were filling in all the holes of the boat with sailors. I thought this was so cool.

I have never seen this before in real life and so I always tell James I am excited to see them pull back in from a deployment so I can see the sailors stand all along the boat.

This is not a lot of sailors compared to coming home from a deployment but it was still so cool to see them all standing up there.

At the end of the ceremony a foursome air wing flew by. It was really cool. And then another plane flew by but it was an older plane and so we were guessing that it was a kind of plane that George H.W. Bush had flown before. Not the exact one but you know what I mean.

Here is when George Bush was leaving. He left in a caravan of about 10 vehicles. It was for lots of the VIP.

And his lovely wife riding down this lift they were using as an elevator.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe

I just wanted to wish my sweet dear a Happy 30th Birthday. We love you so much and we miss you so much.

James loves that his dad because he is teaching him how to golf. They love golfing together. He thinks he is pretty funny too.

Bethannie loves her daddy because he takes the kids bowling and they have a lot of fun.

Mackenzie loves her daddy becasue he is always making her laugh and smile. He like to wrestle and tickle her.

We love him so much because he is just a funny guy to be around and so easy to love. We love you so much baby. I hope you have a good birthday and that you will always be a great dad with your kids. See you at the end of the month.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas morning

Bethannie very excited about getting a guitar for Christmas

We saw this expression on James face a lot during Christmas morning

My dad and Step mom got to come for Christmas this year and so we enjoyed having them here with us for a few days.

Bethannie opening a present

Mackenzie opening her stocking

James sitting with Aunt Chrissy and opening up a present

Christmas Eve

The kids got their Christmas Eve PJs on Christmas Eve. They looked so cute with them on.