Sunday, August 31, 2008

A cool day at the beach

Look at my little cuties. They are so cute.

I love this picture. I am so grateful for days like these.

The weather has been weird here this past week. The high most of these days have been in the 70's and so we decided that when James got home we decided to go take a walk down at the beach after dinner. SO we got down there and it kept trying to sprinkle but it was a nice time to go walking. I just love the peacefulness of the waves coming in and hitting the sand.

What do we deserve after a walk on the beach. Ice cream of course. So we took the kids to get a treat.

James was eating a ice cream cone that I guess he was moving when I took the pic.

And Mackenzie was eating ice cream out of daddy's cone. She never eats enough to get her own. Any way what a great night out

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The end of summer

As I sit here I am finding it very hard to know I will be sending my kids to school in just a few more days. I am excited don't get me wrong but I am also sad. I have for the most part loved our summer this year. It has been so much fun just going and always doing this with our kids. We have had a few fun vacations and we are so grateful we were able to go and have fun. I literally think though where has all the time gone and how did everything pass by so fast. I can not believe what used to be my sweet little baby is now 7, going into the second grade, obsessed with American Girl stuff as much as I was, and just a sweet friend to every one has grown up so fast. I just find it amazing that she is such a sweet girl who I totally adore. I find it crazy that my little boy is going off to school in a few more days for the first time. I already have such fears for him. I hope he makes friends easily. I hope he is a good boy for his teacher so she does not dread seeing him every day. I know that sounds awful but you know there is always a kid that the teacher thinks that of. I just do not want it to be mine. I hope he eats a good lunch so his teacher does not have to hear him say he is always hungry. And that is starving to death. He has grown up so fast too. I still remember looking at him when he was first born thinking of how small he was and now look at him. Oh well sorry I am just having a time warp for right now. I hope you did not mind me reminiscing and just sharing my fears of my kids.

My boys

Two peas in a pod

See any resemblance?

They are the love of my life. I miss my dear husband terribly right now and I just have a few more days till he is home. But I just wanted to show these cute pics I found of them from Busch Gardens this summer. They are the cutest boys ever. I miss seeing big James wonderful smile that still makes me melt when I see him. I am only half of me when he is gone and I feel like lately I have been feeling more over whelmed while he is away. Trying to always do everything myself is some times so over whelming. But I manage. I will be so grateful to see him when he gets home this week. I love you my dear sweet husband.

Kids day at Fort Monroe

So we went to kids day at Fort Monroe a while ago but I am just now getting around to uploading pics and stuff. Any how they kids had a lot of fun walking around and seeing all the things there to do. We got lunch there and snacks and they got to bounce in big inflatables. It was a lot of fun. It was kind of hot though that day so it made it a little bit hard when the kids were getting to hot.

Good thing they had snow cones. The kids loved them.

James showing me how much he ahas already eaten

Bethannie being so cute.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well James leaves again tomorrow for 2 more weeks. We are always so sad to see him leave. it is hard on me for him to be gone because the kids miss him so much. We have had an awesome last couple of days though. We went to Bush Gardens on Saturday and Sunday and then hit Water Country USA on Monday. It was a lot of long days but so much fun. At the a water park Mackenzie was able to ride every ride there but one. And she did. We made all the kids ride everything. They liked most of them. Mackenzie said one was scary and James said he did not like 2 of them. But they would ride some over and over because they like them so much. We had met up with a really good friend of mine at Bush Gardens on Sunday and had a lot of fun with them because she has kids that are James and Bethannies ages. Any how we have just been on the go since the weekend started and we were ready for a break today. But tomorrow starts more craziness for me being by myself. Oh and little James did get into Pre-K and so we are counting down 3 weeks till school starts.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

He's home

Well another post with no pics but I just wanted to say James is back home again. I guess some may have not known he was gone. But James is stationed on a air craft carrier now and it is about to be deployed for 6 months in Feb. Well he has to do all this cruising before they leave for a long time. So any how he was just gone for 10 days and he is home for less then a week and is gone again for 10 more days. Any how so I start to go crazy just as he is coming home. I have been trying desperately to get James into PreK so we are suppose to find out today if he gets in and so I am excited about that. The funny thing about it here is it is just like a regular day at school. It is all day long for PreK here. I thought that was weird but oh well. He gets to ride the bus with Bethannie and everything. So we are hopeful he will make it in. He misses the Kindergarten cut off by a month so he is very ready for school.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Quick visit

So my dad swings into town last night for about 2 hours and we went to go see him.  It was nice since I had not seen him since Christmas.  The kids were supper excited but were not quite sure how he got there to my sisters house.  Any how we were going to go for dinner but I had an appointment set with Direct TV because our box was going out.  Any how but they would not reschedule it so we were there for about an hour and had to dart back home.  It was fun talking though.  I love ya Dad.  

Another long fun day

OK so I knew this morning I was going to try and be ambitious however never did I think I would have done all this but oh well.  OK so a new sister moved into our ward yesterday and I had talked to her daughter and had found out there were 5 kids in her family.  Well they moved in right about a mile away and she has a little girl who is going to be 7 in 2 weeks.  Well the cool thing is they will be going to the same school.  Well needless to say the girls have hit it off very fast.  This makes Bethannies 2ND friend from church that is here age and lives so close by.  Well so being ambitious today I decided to go to the pool and I would see if these 2 other 7 year olds would like to go.  I know 5 kids at a big pool with slides and lots of activities for one adult.  She is crazy right?  That is what all the parents who were around me when I showed up thought too.  However I have to say not bad.  We were there for almost 5 hours and it was an easy going time.  I walked out with no drinks left and happy kids so I felt I had done my job.  It was a lot of fun though.  The mom that just moved here actually joined us later on in the day at the pool and she brought all the rest of her kids.  2 adults 9 kids.  We were crazy.  Any how I had a nice time getting to know her and her kids were great.  Any how well any normal person would have said that is enough sun and swimming and being outside for one day but not me.  I still had the other girl we had taken to the pool and I talked to her and she said oh we are thinking about heading to the beach so we load back up and head to the beach.  We were out there for 3 more hours.  We are all done in the sun tomorrow I have to find an inside activity that requires no swimming.  We love the water though.  I just thought I would share with you my adventure of being in the sun for 8 hours today.  Sorry no pics though.  I was just to busy.