Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When it rains it pours literally

Ok so James has been gone for about 10 weeks and things that I never thought would have gone wrong have. A short bit after James left I was doing laundry and I hear bubbles coming up in the toilet. Well long story and yucky story later our water line had broke and we had all the yuckies coming up in our bathtub and toilets and it was just not a good day. We had to call the city and they came out to look and see if it was there problem or the landlords problem. Well it ended up being the city and at 11:00 P.M. they decide they need to come back in the morning and they would have a big dig up in the morning. So that is just what they did. Let me tell you though I had no clue what i was suppose to do with something like that. I am not very handy and I do not know anything about how to turn water off or anything. Well it was all fixed and we have been rolling along just fine here till this morning.

I wake up at 5:15 to this awful hissing sound. It sounded like water was running but I did not know where. I thought maybe the toilet was running. No not that. I went into the kitchen and my first step in I was greeted with a wave of water. I was now standing in a lake that has decided to form in MY kitchen. Why I ask Why does this stuff always have to happen when I do not know what to do. SO I figure out it is my refrigerator. I call my landlord and wake him up saying my kitchen and part of the carpets are flooded due to water coming from the refig. Fun right well the water is every where and it has soaked up into carpet and broke a ton of the tiles on our floor. So in other words I have a huge mess. The landlord is already here trying to help get this all fixed so we shall see just how bad it is. All I know it I have been running a carpet cleaner and I bet I sucked up over 10 full buckets of water. So there was a lot of water running everywhere.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another fun play

So Bethannie was in another school play with some of her friends. they put on Treasure island. The play was really cute and while I was video taping the whole thing I also tried to record a few songs on the camera so I could blog it. So if the recording is not so great you know why now. She really enjoys doing these plays. She was all ready for another play to start but came home the next day to inform me she has to wait till she is in the 3rd grade to be in another play. I can hardly wait to see what she will do next year.

A Crazy night

So a few weeks ago I had 5 extra kids for the night. There parents went up to the temple and then to a Grateful Dead concert. Sounds like a great combo to me. Any how well the kids were all here from about noon till the next morning. I thought I might be crazy by the end but it was surprisingly not bad. The kids helped entertain each other so that made it easy in some ways.

This was all the kids that night watching a movie. We rented Bedtime stories and Tale of Desperox. I am sure I did not spell that right but oh well. They loved the movies.

We went out side and enjoyed the nice weather and rode bikes and scooters.

Here is baby Noah walking around barefoot. He wanted out side so bad but I had no shoes for him so what do you do. You let the boy have fun.

Banks went out and played outside just like this. He is so funny.

James and Adam waiting to be pulled in the wagon.
All in all it was a fun evening with all the kids. I told them they owe me but really I feel like I still owe them because they help me out with James and T-ball practice all the time. I hope you guys had a fun time Allyn and Aron. I will do it again if you ever feel the urge to go to another concert. HA HA HA

Monday, April 13, 2009


Here we were after church. We got up on Sunday and the kids got a basket. It was filled with color coded candy. I had see the stuff at Wal-mart and thought why would you have everything be in color sections. Then my smart sister said if the Easter bunny did that then none of the kids could say that is mine. So the Easter bunny did just that. Bethannie's basket was all pink. Mackenzie's was all yellow and James was all blue. The kids loved it. Well I found these cute dresses a few weeks ago and thought they would be perfect for Easter when I knew I was never going to get the skirts I wanted to make for the girls done. So all the girls matched and I loved it.

The kids looking cute.

Easter eggs

So we decided it was time to color our Easter eggs on Saturday night. The kids were so excited about it. I am glad that as the kids do get older it makes things that used to drive me crazy to do way easier. I just could not stand the mess and how everything they touched would be dyed a new color. We did have a few small spills but no big deal. They made a lot of really bright eggs.
They turned out so well.

James watching the girls color their eggs.

Bethannie waiting for her egg to get colored.

James making some cool colored eggs.

Bethannie writing on her egg. After she did it then James wanted to try too.

Mackenzie just showing off her really dirty face. I guess I never washed her face after dinner. Oh well.

James making some really cute face .

Bethannie being supper cute too.

Busch gardens

So we bought season passes to Busch Gardens again this year. We had a lot of debate about it but I decided that we would still get enough use out of it with out James being here. It is a great way to just go spend a day and not feel trapped in the house. So we went for the first time this year last Friday. It was a lot of fun. We met up with 2 girls from church and all their kids. We had 3 adults and 11 kids. It sounds a lot more crazy then it was I think. The kids all get along great and the girls are great friends of mine. So it was a good day just spent chillin out. Here are some pics of the kids and well I had my camera with me all day but these were the only pics I took all day. I will try to do better next time.

Elizabeth and Mackenzie on the air balloon ride.

James and Annie on the ride too. They all had fun riding the little kid rides.

Mackenzie and Elizabeth again. They look so cute.