Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our new dog

Well we all were at the mall and Bethannie and I had been shopping for some new clothes and to my surprise my husband and son come to me and say they have found a dog they want. I am thinking to myself great. We have been looking since we got here to VA for a dog but I did not know what or when we were going to get one. Any how, we go to the pet store and check it out and the kids all fall in love with it and so we decide to go ahead and get this puppy. We are now proud owners and parents to a 11 week old cocker spaniel. He is such a good dog. The kids are so greatful for him. Mackenzie is the one who is most scared about him but still does very good. She gets a little nervous around him sometimes and others just loves to let him play with her. We shall see how they are as they both get older. The pics are of the day we brought him home and the kids with him.