Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ward Campout

So we went for our ward camp out on Friday night. I was not sure if it was even going to happen but I decided to tough it out and go. We have just had a nor'easter come through and brought us lots of rain. Well it was still suppose to rain on Friday and Saturday. Well we got out to the camp ground at about 4 and set up our tent with some help of two other men out there. James was not with me because he is still gone on the ship. So I was very grateful for their help.

Well to get to the campground we had to go over this bridge here. If you do not like being over water then you will hate this bridge. It is over 17 miles of bridge and 2 tunnels that go under the water. It is really cool but it was so long. It was crazy expensive to go over it as well. $12 for one car load. One way. If you return within 24 hours though you can come back over for only $5. But I could not believe it was that expensive.

Well here is Bethannie with her friend Lilia. They really enjoyed running around that night.

Well Lilias family brought a Kiack and so He told James he would take him out. James was so excited about it.

All the kids were so excited to get on it they decided to not even wait for it to get in the water.

A bunch of the kids were walking up and down the beach and found all of these horseshoe crabs. They were really cool looking.

Well this was our little group last night that was huddled under a canopy because it would start to spit rain for a minute here and there.

So we stayed up really late considering. Bethannie got to go night fishing with a couple of the guys who took their kids out. She said she did not catch anything.

But one of the guys did. I think they said it was a flounder. So at 12:30 at night they come back drop off the kids and then headed some where to go clean the fish. It was really funny.

James was so tired he literally fell asleep sitting up in a regular camping chair and so I moved him over to this chair so he could relax a little more. It was so cute.

We had a fire going and there were lots of kids roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores. They loved it.

Here is James and his friend Ezra walking in the rain. They were soaked to the bone. They decided that sitting under the canopy was not enough fun and so off they went.

They all had so much fun and even though it rained the whole time on Saturday morning. It was still a fun time.

Well needless to say though it poured all through the night and continued on Saturday morning. So I ended up taking apart the whole tent and everything by myself in the rain. It was not to bad until right as I was finishing up and then it started pouring. It was awful. They kids did not seem to mind and we came home with all of us soaked. It was really hard to stay dry outside in the rain. Any how thank you to all my friends in the ward who made this a great camp out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catch up here. It has been a while

Last Wednesday we went on a ferry ride with playgroup. We were suppose to get off the ferry and walk to a playground but we could not find the ferry at first and then we had no clue where the park was and we were so late no one else was there that knew and so we ended up waiting for another 2 girls that were late as well. We all got on the ferry and just rode it for a round trip and then got off. The kids thought it was fun. Easy entertainment for a morning. Any how so here are some pics of our ferry ride.

Collin and Leanne

Mackenzie and Neiko

This is their idea of smiling. Crazy kids.

This is Mackenzie's little friend Neiko. The kids kept getting cones from the field and putting them on their heads and thinking they were so funny. It was cute.

Mackenzie by herself.

Here is Bethannie before the game. It was picture day so I snapped a pic after the guy got his.

Here are some of Bethannies friends from soccer. She is enjoying it so much. It is awesome. They lost their game again but oh well. They are still trying.

SO on our way to soccer practise tonight we get to a road not even a mile from our house and this is what we find. The traffic is all backed up and there are tons of people standing out in the water and stopping their walks to look and everything. Any how I have no clue where or why the water is here but this is suppose to be the road right here and it looks like a river instead. There were several houses that I am sure are totally flooded. Good thing that houses here normally do not have basements or it would have been bad news for a lot more I think.

Crazy huh? I was amazed and it was not even that deep. Probably around a foot maybe even a little deeper in some areas.

This is a picture coming up to it. So here is the road and now the river starting to take over it all. At one point the whole road is submerged. Good thing I am like 2 feet off the ground in my car.

So James started Soccer last night. He was so proud of himself for making some goals. He is determined when he gets out there. It is so funny.

He at one point did say he did not want to play any more because he was being tackled a lot out on the field. There is a kid on his team who must not know what sport he is playing. Oh well though. It was still fun. James got his knee hurt by falling on the fence and then he hurt his elbow because he was tripped and totally caught air on his fall down. It was so awful looking. Any how so he banged his elbow up too. After all the falls that is when he said he does not want to play soccer any more but he did get out there and play some more. He is a tough guy.

So I also should just say that James is gone again. He left last Tuesday and will be gone for about a month. SO this is a long time for him to be gone right now but he will be home before we know it. He is only home for a week before leaving again for 2 more weeks but then he is home till next year. Don't get excited for me. It is not even 2 months before he is gone for pretty much the next 6 months. We will be fine though we always are. Any how I will try to do better at posting more often and not a catch up of everything all at the same time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Soccer starts

Bethannie started soccer practise last night. She has her first game this Saturday which is going to be really interesting since they practiced for less then one hour last night in the drizzling rain. She seems excited about playing but we will see. She is so cute out there though chasing after the ball.

She had to do some drills last night and so here she was running back to the line.

Here was a picture of us after practice. She is such a ham.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School started..... FINALLY

The kids started school yesterday. It was so nice being at home with just Mackenzie but I have to say it was so quiet and non active it really made me miss the other two. Any how well We are all getting adjusted to it. Hopefully we will manage to get into a good schedule soon because it is not working out well yet. This was Bethannies outfit she picked out for her first day.

Here is James posing. He is such a model. He loves to pose himself when I am trying to take a picture.

Mackenzie had to get in on one of the pics

Bethannie smiling so cute.
When they got home from school I asked them both how it went and they both said it was fun. James actually told me his day was perfect. SO I guess it does not get any better then that. I thought it was so cute though. Bethannie said she has already made some new friends and is excited there are so many new faces in her class. James is still finding friends he says. So I just wanted to share pics of my funny kids.

A last minute fun night

So Sunday night we decided to do a fire. The nights here are cooling of nicely and we thought it would be a nice way to just spend some time together. So we built the fire and let the kids tell some stories and then we did smores. It was fun. So here are pics of the kids eating and James looking funny at the fire. It was just a nice was to relax before the kids started school.

Everyone enjoying the fire

Mackenzie and her very messy face

Bethannie in heaven about how good a smore is.

James showing off his yummy food

What a good visit

We had my mom and step dad come and see us this past weekend. It was nice visit and a nice change to have them comae and see us. We had missed them and so it was great. The kids were very excited to see them as well. My mom went and bought James 2 new outfits for school. She has done that with all the grand kids so far. Either she buys them for them and sends them or takes them. But he thought that was so cool. We did a lot of talking and laughing which is never hard to do. Any how I just wanted to tell you guys I love you. Thanks for coming up here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Family and Friends Day cruise

Bethannie and my step dad went out on the boat with James on Saturday. Bethannie came home and was talking non stop about all the things she did. She was telling me all the different things she did during the day and telling me about how she loved and wants to do it again. I thought it was so cute. She got to get her face painted. I heard she did it twice. But who knows. She got to play putt putt on the boat. She did a climbing wall. I hear she id it 5 times but finally made it all the way to the top. She had such a good time. They had a lot games on the boat to play. They had to be on the boat at 5:30 in the morning and then they did not pull back into the Pier until 5:30 that night. So she got to go have breakfast and lunch on the boat. James showed her where he worked. All in all it was a great day for her. She says her favorite part of it was being able to hit the bell on the climbing wall.