Monday, December 8, 2008

I often wonder at this time of year if my kids are very greedy or if they know and care that there are kids out there who get far less then they do for Christmas. So yesterday we went to James boat Christmas party for the kids. It was a lot of fun and the kids got to do all sorts of fun activities. They had moon bounces for them to jump in. They had a rock climbing wall that you could climb. Crafts food and Santa. Well before the kids left they all got a present. SO as we left and the kids did not know what they were getting in there present I asked them if they would be willing to give their brand new toy to a boy or girl who was going to get anything for Christmas. SO to my surprise Bethannie was very fine with this idea. She said she knew she was having Christmas on Christmas day and she wanted to share. James said he wanted to give his toy away but did pout about it for a few moments. He does not quite get it I think. Mackenzie got a game we already own and so even though she is still so little we are taking all three presents and taking them to toys for tots. I am letting them drop them off so they feel what is is like to share. I was so pleased with my little ones. They know they do not get a lot of presents on Christmas morning but it will be what they want and much more then others.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One more for catch up

So our church had a flag football game on Thursday morning. (Thanksgiving morning) SO James decided he would go out and play and I stayed at home with the kids and tried to still keep cooking. We were going to have 14 people at our house for Thanksgiving so I still had a lot of prep to do. Any how well James came home about an hour later and was looking pathetic. SO I asked if they were done and all I got was a no. I asked why he quit then and I heard I broke my ribs. I just look at him. How do you break your ribs in FLAG football. Well let me tell you how. You have a guy who in just about a month will turn 30 and still thinks his body should be able to be like it was back in high school. So when one 30 yr old body dives for the ball (because yes it was that important to win) and you are not wearing any pads bad things happen. So Chrissy was here at our house to try and help and she ends up taking James to the ER and they do not return till 2:30. I now have everyone at our house and we are waiting to see what happened with James. Well He has broken ribs. Well He was still hurting for the whole weekend so we got up on Sunday morning and he went to the boat to see if there was anything else wrong. Well they said he broke 4 ribs. He had to go to work on Monday and when he got there then they checked him out again and then they realized he has 6 broken ribs. So they have put him SIQ Sick in quarters. He has to go back in on Thursday and they will probably put him back on SIQ but we will see. Any how. He is so goofy though. Any how he hurts a ton but is hanging int there.

But I wanted to say I was one of those crazies who went to Walmart for Black Friday and got a bunch of good deals. I am so glad to say I am almost done with my shopping for our kids. I am loving to not have to be out there the closer it gets to Christmas. James went with me broken ribs and all and so that was fun to just hang out with him in the middle of total craziness from people who were fighting over a power wheel for $88. What fun times.

Our new tree

So we have tried to have a live tree now for the last couple of years and we wanted to let the kids cut them down but with James not being home last year we have never had the chance to do it so we decided to google a spot to cut your own tree. We went out this past Saturday and went and found a tree and then all the kids took a turn helping to cut it down. It was so funny watching and listening to them say it is going to fall on _____. Any how after a fun weekend of putting up all our Christmas decorations the kids are supper excited to know it is almost Christmas.

Bethannie taking her turn with the tree

James and James sawing through the tree

James wanting this tree.

This was our turkey from Thanksgiving. It was so good. We tried a smoked turkey this year. Everyone loved it so I would say it was a hit.

A long Saturday

We decided that since Jame had just gotten home the kids needed some much needed and deserved fun times out. So we had been telling all the kids we would take them to go see theses movies. James really liked his. Bethannie said she liked hers but man did Troy and Gabriella have to kiss. She said Eeeewwww. She is so funny. Any how after the movie we went ice skating at the mall. It is just a small rink but it was so much fun. I love ice skating and so being able to go out there and see the kids try was fun. Too bad the kids cried most of the time. They were to scared they were going to fall. Any how when the had the guts I would skate around with them and help them. I did not let any of the kids fall when they were with me which made them feel a lot better about it. James did not like it. Mackenzie loved it but had to hold on because she did not know how to make herself move but she was not scared. Bethannie did a lot of whining while we were there but right before we left she got around 2 times by herself and she said she likes it. Last thing we did that night was watch a parade that was downtown. It was a lot of fun and the kids liked it but man it was so cold out there that you really could not move by the end. Oh well still a lot of fun.

James Little James and Mackenzie went to go see Madagascar

Bethannie and I went to see High school musical 3

Mackenzie showing how easy it is to walk in the skates.

James hanging on for dear life

Bethannie in the kiddie rink. It was so small

Mackenzie relaxing with daddy

Bethannie and I at the very end. She started to get the hang of it.

Another float I guess the pic was a little blurry sorry.

Only along the beach would you see a giant crab in a Christmas parade. We laughed at this. There were tons of fish and sea life in the parade.

Just fun little floats we saw

Santa of course at the end