Friday, January 20, 2012

A visit from best friends

So I was blessed with a visit from my best friend Stephanie, and her kids, And Other Best friend Lori, and her family. We had a great time. While they were here we decided to take a trip to downtown Chicago. These pictures are in reverse order of our day but you will get the idea. We rode the train in and then did a lot of walking and sight seeing. We ended our day at the zoo trying to see lights but ran out of time. I am so grateful to have friends who love me enough to come and visit me. So excited that I got to see them and am already looking forward to our next get together.

The lights at the zoo.

More lights at the zoo.

The Lego store that James was thrilled to go to. While the boys went there, the young girls went to the American girl store, while the older girls went to the coach store. (Glad we could make everyone happy)

And a trip to Chicago would not be complete with out a 45 foot Marilyn Monroe. Mackenzie told us all she was wearing polka dot undies. But I didn't look so I don't know, but we all laughed at her.

Courtney and Leah. Standing in front of the giant "bean"

The kids laying under the "bean". I love how these pictures turned out. Funny that after I made my kids get under there, everyone around us started doing the same thing.

Sitting under a "bean" hanging out.....

My sweet little family.

All the kids we had with us in Chicago.

Here's my kiddos again.

The girls striking a pose.

These were huge and the 2 faces would smile at each other and wink. It was weird but they

made us all laugh when we saw them.

Here is the girl. Waiting for the "boy" to smile at her.

This was exactly how our day went with him. Such a mood.

Mackenzie and her sassy self.

Everyone on the train.

Bethannie and Leah hanging out.

James and I on the train. the sun was in our face so not a great pic but oh well.