Friday, January 20, 2012

The first good snowfall for us in Chicago

We got 6 inches of snow on Friday last week and the kids were so excited. but I have to say James and I probably were just as much. We could not wait to go sledding. Our kids have never been sledding before. Always living by the ocean does not give much for sledding. We lasted almost 4 hours even though it was seriously only about 20 degrees. the kids all had a blast and were never ready to go. But James and I decided after all that time it was time to head home and have hot chocolate.

Mackenzie going down the hill

here I come

Mackenzie cruising

Mackenzie having a great time in the snow.

Oh how I love this happy girl

Bethannie up on the snow board. She had a hard time with it at first but by the end of the day she was going down the hills having a great time.

James on the snowboard

James in the snow

Mackenzie snow boarding again. The girl had no fear and LOVED it. She would fall and get right back up.

Mackenzie with a sled after just coming down the hill.

James sledding down

James and Mackenzie sledding together.

James and Mackenzie again. Mackenzie had so much fun.

These videos are of big James trying to snow board. Hilarious.......


Happy said...

Hey James you did better than I would have on that snow board. You looked good and you all looked like you had a blast. Keep right on having fun and making good memories. XOXOXOXO