Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

We had an interesting Christmas day this year. James had to work and so he was up and out of the house by 5:30 in the morning. SO we told the kids that we were waiting till after he got home to open presents. They were all OK with this (which made me so happy, because that is so hard to ask young kids). We also had church at 9:00 so the kids got up and they were able to open their stockings. They were happy to have that done. We then got dressed and headed off to church. I loved the program they had. it was full of beautiful music and talented people. And of course a sweet spiritual message. After we got back home we all put our Christmas jammies back on. We were not expecting James to get home till 2:00 so we were surprised when he got off work and hour and a half early. Great surprise I tell ya. SO we made some snacks for lunch and started opening presents. the kids had a great day and I loved seeing their excitement. Our funny mistake on dinner made us not eat till 9:00 at night. Which was fine. We had a great dinner and had good company with each other. this was the first Christmas we spent alone as a family in over 6 years. So it was different but we had a good day.

James and a Lego set he was thrilled about.

Bethannie and her new doll.

Mackenzie could of cared less about any other present.

Bethannie opening up a present.

Mackenzie was so excited about her doll. She has been begging for this for a year or two.

Big James opening up a present.

James opening up a thrilling present. Clothes.